President speech:
– national state of disaster
– travel ban from high risk countries incl us and uk
– cancelled visas issued to visitors from those countries
– sa’s advised not to travel to Europe, USA and high risk countries
– avoid unnecessary interpersonal contact
– only sa citizens returning from high risk will be allowed in it subject to quarantine
– medium risk countries inbound travel high intensity screening (Portugal, etc)
– mandatory testing for recent inbound travelers
– strengthened surveillance and testing at all international ports
– closing 35/53 land entry ports
– closing 2/8 sea ports
– all non essential travel for government employees prohibited internationally and discouraged locally
– gatherings >100 prohibited
– celebrations of upcoming national days and govn events cancelled
– urgent small gatherings only with stringent control
– all schools close Wednesday 18 March until after Easter
– mid year school holidays shortened by 1 week
– colleges, universities, military, saps increasing vigilance
– minister of higher education will soon announce measures
– no visits to prisons at all
– wits student extensive quarantine
– call on all businesses to intensify hygiene control
– shopping malls and entertainment centres to bolster hygiene control
– strengthening health surveillance and testing systems
– identifying quarantine sites
– increasing capacity of hospitals and tracing processes
– partnering private sector for national tracking and tracing
– mass communication campaign on hygiene and prevention
– calling on everyone to change behavior and adopt simple hygiene – hand washing, cover nose & mouth when cough / sneeze, avoid contact with ill, no handshakes
– funding available from govn to capacity sector responses
– response led by IMC chaired by Minister Mkhize; congrats on good work
– national command council being established, chaired by president, meeting 3 times a week to coordinate
– aside from health impact, there will be economic impact
– drop in trade, tourism and global market instability
– anticipating severe decline in tourism, etc
– production, jobs, SME viability likely to be affected
– govn proepraing support package to help
– fiscal and other support measures in consult with business and labour
– expecting severe business disruption
– minimise infections and treat all

March-April 2020

To Clients & Suppliers

Hydro-Gas Couplings acknowledges the risk of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

We as a company are taking all measures to ensure the safety of our staff and avoid any cross contamination.

We will be available for emergency breakdowns to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

We have arranged for the following staff to be available for breakdowns

Craig Häring – 082 446 0288
Debbie Häring – 082 446 0293
Kevin Lubbe – 072 425 8527
Samson Mabunda – 082 824 7624

None of these staff members require the use of public transport and are aware of all the safety procedure regarding the Covid19 – Corona Virus

Thank you

Kind Regards

Debbie Häring
Member Hydro-Gas couplings