Hydro-Gas Couplings

Welcome to Hydro-Gas Couplings, where innovation meets reliability. Since our founding on June 26, 1963, we have been dedicated to providing top-quality solutions for the Oil, Petroleum, and Tanker Industries. Originally specializing in manufacturing dry break couplings, our commitment to excellence caught the attention of Karl Häring, who acquired Hydro-Gas in 1983. Under his leadership, we expanded our offerings to include a diverse range of Pneumatic, Manual Lubrication, and Liquid Transfer Equipment.

This strategic decision enabled us to cater to a broader spectrum of industries, cementing our position as a trusted provider of innovative solutions for machinery maintenance and lubrication systems.

Manufacturers of:

Pneumatic Lubrication Equipment

  • Grease Pumps
  • Roller Carts

Hose Reels

  • Heavy Duty
  • Medium Duty

Pneumatic Oil Pumps

Hose Master High Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Manual Lubrication Equipment

  • Field Greasers
  • Bucket Pumps
  • Foot Operated Pumps
  • Knapsack Compressors
  • Hand Lever Grease Guns

Manual Drum Pumps

  • Semi Rotary – MS series
  • “T” Handle
  • Full Rotary – YL series
  • Gear Oil Dispensers
  • Oil Dispenser Trolley
  • Roller cart 210l/180 kg

Quick Couplings

  • Accessories
  • Grease Nipples
  • Grease Cups
  • Flow Meters
  • Oil Cans / Oil Guns / Oil Level Gauges
  • Decanters Steel & Plastic
  • Easy Out Tools

Leaders in the Industry – Est. 1963

Hydro-Gas Couplings has over 55+ Years of Experience